Paxton Finds His Perfect Fit (Intro to Technology)

Paxton Finds His Perfect Fit (Intro to Technology)

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Paxton is a puzzle piece. He lives in Puzzleland with his mom, his dad and his older sister, Paige. In Puzzleland, all the puzzle pieces are different. But each puzzle piece has a perfect fit—something he or she loves to do.

In this heart-warming tale of perseverance and friendly sibling rivalry, you’ll find yourself rooting for little Paxton, as he searches for his perfect fit. For Paxton, there’s a heightened sense of urgency because big sister Paige has already found hers. Paxton tests his mettle while gaining a new perspective on something he loves: technology. He discovers that technology is more than gadgets and machines. It’s creating new things and new ways of doing things to make our lives easier.


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