Paige & Paxton Get With the Program (Coding)

Paige & Paxton Get With the Program (Coding)

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From Paige and Paxton’s perspective, it seems like grown-ups are always telling them what to do. Luckily, Grandmama Puzzle has an amazing day planned for the precocious siblings. The three are going to get a peek at some cool new things that computer programmers like their grandmother are dreaming up. It’s just the thing to take Paige and Paxton’s mind off their woes.

But at the event, Paige and Paxton find more of the same but with a twist. In this imaginative intergenerational story, Grandmama Puzzle leads us through the basis of technology: computer programming, also known as coding. But technology
is just a piece of the lesson. Paige and Paxton also discover two fundamental truths: innovation transcends age and guidance is an important part of all of our lives.



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